6' Big Gondola Plush

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FUG :DDDDDD He's Huge!

At 6 feet, he can be your life-size, noodle-legged pal on the couch to watch a movie with or piggy-backing buddy on your shoulders, legs dangling with your every step.

Like his brothers, he has a poseable skeleton so he can sit upright and cross-legged, with weighted feet that love to dangle. He also has a zipper to access his stuffing for maintenance, so your gondola can be kept looking positively stuffed for a long time 


  • 6 feet long, very soft, happy to see you, is your best friend
  • Internal skeleton with bendable thighs allows him to sit and maintain his posture (especially on your shoulders!)
  • Weighted feet swing jovially
  • BIG, extra-extra-fuzzy snoot
  • Made with high-quality materials  to be extremely cuddle-able

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